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Paperless Office Professionals are here to help you go green!
With our document conversion service we can assist you in converting your office from paper to paperless. You can have a completely organized office with little to no paper. Even if you prefer to work with paper you can still cut your cost by storing your closed records in electronic form.

We offer document conversion at any level and for any business small or large.

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If you've ever spent too long hunting through stacks of paper for an invoice or searching through paper files, you may have wished for a paperless office. You wouldn't be alone.

As soon as computers began appearing on office desks more than 25 years ago, so did the idea of paperless, electronic communication. But despite all the time that's passed, most businesses are far from operating without paper.
The arguments for tossing the piles of paper are strong. By eliminating paper in file cabinets, for example, a company can create more room and reduce off-site storage costs. By exchanging information electronically with vendors and customers, a business can make information quickly accessible -- and conversely more private and secure through the use of encryption, passwords and other security measures. For some businesses -- like those in the healthcare industry, which are governed by the Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act (HIPAA) -- paperless records may be a regulatory requirement.
But the process of going paperless can be daunting. There are the costs of new equipment and software to consider, as well as that of converting paper records into electronic files. And there are decisions about how to make the move and when, how much existing paper to convert, how to handle paper that continues to flow in from vendors and customers, how to get employees onboard with the idea and trained in new systems, and how to simply keep doing business as usual during the conversion.
Add to that the fact that, no matter what, a company probably can't be completely paperless. Some papers -- like signed, sealed deeds and legally binding contracts, or paper records for audits and IRS tax filings -- need to exist in their original form for legal or financial reasons or, particularly in the financial services industry, to show regulatory compliance.
Still, many companies will agree that becoming paperless, or at least paper-less, is well worth the effort. In this article, we'll take a closer look at how you can move your company closer to paperless -- from possible steps in the transition process to the available technology. We'll also look specifically at document management and consider how you can make your home office paperless, too
Benefits Of Paperless Offices

There are many benefits with a paperless office, beyond simply having less paper to deal with. While you're unlikely to have a completely paper-free office, electronic communication and other systems can eliminate much of it.

Reduced costs and quicker access to information.

Being paperless saves the company about $100,000 per year on printing, mailing, paper and storage space, reports.

More space !

When ready to switch locations after making an office paperless, you will notice that will not have half as many file cabinets to move.

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We can enhance your current business systems - or integrate whole new systems - that respond as your company expands.

Our consultants will work with you on a one on one basis and set up a paperless office specific to your needs. Usability is the key to successfully implementing a paperless office. The most difficult step in changing or improving your business systems is making the decision to do so.

Once that decision is made, Paperless Office Professionals makes the rest of the process nearly effortless. By improving your organization's systems, processes and software you will see a difference in how your company works on a daily basis. By making these updates now, your company will reap benefits both now and in the future.