Many of our clients have already experienced just how valuable this information can be. We are continuously contacted by clients relaying stories of how the

information discovered by the WCAB index has proved to be the deciding factor in their case.

WCAB Whole Lot Easier with SLS Minimize
  •  Identify any previous WCAB cases going back at

    Least 15 years. Discover the dates of injury, body

    Parts involved and the ultimate dispensation of the case
  • Uncover previously unknown Social Security

    Numbers and AKA’s associated with a claimant.

  • Discover the names, addresses and phone numbers

    For the claimant’s previous employers, medical

    Providers and insurance carriers.


In an effort to assist you in your discovery process and be extremely proactive, we perform FREE Nationwide WCAB EDEX reports on all new record requests placed Supportive Legal Services.  At no cost to you, a Nationwide WCAB EDEX is completed within 24 hours after receipt of your initial request.

We have the ability to acquire information on all previous California workers’ compensation cases going back as far as 1986.  Our search will provide the WCAB case number as well as information regarding the insurance carrier and attorney’s representing both sides of the case. In addition, treating physicians, clinics and hospitals may also be identified. The information may also include the date the case was filed and the injury or body part it is concerning.

Once we’ve identified any additional information, we will immediately notify you and your office via phone or fax. Should you require any of the additional locations we have discovered, simply initial the notification letter and fax to our office or feel free to contact us by telephone.  In order to meet any deadline that you may have, we will immediately work on your new request. 

Many of our clients have already experienced just how valuable this additional information can be.  Our clients often contact us with stories regarding the critical information discovered by the WCAB EDEX, and how it proved to be the deciding factor in their case.